FLAI - The mobile luminaire

The FLAI is a battery-powered mobile luminaire head with a special magnetic system. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the FLAI can be transformed into a wall lamp, pendant lamp, reading lamp, table lamp and many other lamps.

  • Lithium battery with up to 10 hours lighting time
  • Dimmable in 3 steps
  • Versatile in use

Luminaire head

Product Light up with / watt per lamp colour INFO* dimension
FLAI-4SW1 LED / 4 W white Dimmable in 3 steps L=145*W=145*H=35 mm
FLAI-4SW2 LED / 4 W matt black Dimmable in 3 steps L=145*W=145*H=35 mm


Product   colour INFO*
FLAI-A   matt black Pendant set
FLAI-P   matt black Floor lamp holder
FLAI-PM   matt black Floor lamp base for several FLAI lamps incl. 2 holders (FLAI-SH) height adjustable
FLAI-SF   matt black Table mount
FLAI-SH   matt black Holder for rope/rod
FLAI-TF   matt black Table base
FLAI-TFM   matt black Table base with central mounting
FLAI-WH   matt black Wall mount
FLAI-HO   matt black Magnetic hook