Our performance

Welcome to A.L.S. GmbH
  • A.L.S. is supplier and manufacturer of lighting systems as well as service provider of lighting concepts. Our strengths are the wide product range, big stock therefore fast delivery (6000 m² warehouse), an excellent cost-performance-ratio, and a high flexibility in customized lighting systems. Our goal: to provide good quality to reasonable prices. At the moment we are engaged with future technologies and current standards (LED, energy saving solutions).
  • Our activities focus on light fixtures, lamps and accessories. Beside a large product range of lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor, our skills are also to build an excellent price-performance ratio and to offer all light fixtures from one single source.
Light planning
  • Light is an essential tool in the architectural language. Our lighting design projects are the results of a careful analysis of the spaces, along with the attention to the customer’s need; in order to offer comfort, safety and efficiency.
  • Thanks to our own manufacturing we deliver only high quality products. Additionally our own resources enable realization of customer specific solutions and product modifications. High flexibility is guaranteed by fast decision-making processes.
  • Competitive advantages result from our own R&D department. Our development team is able to develop components (especially LED-modules and control systems) for other lighting producers as well. We are already OEM supplier for some well-known brands on the market.
  • A direct and deep knowledge of LED light sources, of the engineering and assembly of printed circuits and boards, allows A.L.S. to take care of each productive step: from the design of the circuit, to the realization of the luminaire. A.L.S. LED development is an internal productive unit, entirely dedicated to the development, production and assembly of high technology LED fixtures. The main characteristics are an high efficiency in lighting emission and reduced power consumption. A warehouse where thousands of LED and components are stored is precisely managed and controlled in order to offer products with the highest colour uniformity and quality possible. The unit consists of different and specialized areas and each of these areas is focused on a single step of the production.
  • Since 2006 our SMD LED machine offers for our customers opportunities in LED-business regarding technology, flexibility and price.