Company portrait A.L.S. GmbH

1993 Foundation
    Foundation of the company A.L.S. in Langenargen at Lake Constance by the still today managing director and owner Dieter Layer-Reiss with 2 employees and 300m² office and storage space.

1996 Relocation to Tettnang
    Due to the rapid development and the associated requirement of more employees and more space A.L.S. moved to a new premises (1000m²) in 1996

2002 Relocation within Tettnang
    Further growth and the resulting lack of space made it necessary to move to Mastorter Str. 29 in Tettnang in 2002.

2004 Opening up international markets
    Due to the development of further markets and the cooperation with other luminaire companies Comparlux GmbH was founded. Through Comparlux GmbH international sales markets and OEM channels were opened up.

2008 Own LED production
    Competitiveness is maintained and promoted through high investments in machinery, computer software (PCB design, CAD, lighting design) and employee knowledge. Since 2008, the company has been manufacturing its own LED modules with an SMD placement machine and associated peripherals. The philosophy of the management is to implement current industry developments into user-friendly and cost-effective solutions. The focus is on the design of energy-efficient lighting solutions for complete projects.

2012 New building for production, R&D etc. was finished
    Comparlux GmbH moved into a new additional production facility with approx. 1000 m² office space and 3000m² of production and storage space in order to be able to meet the constantly growing LED market and the interests of our customers.

2015 From Comparlux GmbH to light direct GmbH
    As an adaptation to the market, Comparlux GmbH is renamed to light direct GmbH. Also a webshop has been founded

2019 Merger into A.L.S. GmbH
    Merger of A.L.S. GmbH & Co. KG and light direct GmbH into A.L.S. GmbH and relocation to the current company headquarters at Mastorter Str. 31 in Tettnang.

2021 A.L.S today
    A.L.S. GmbH produces and trades of luminaires as well as luminaire components and is thereby a supplier of luminaires and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor as well as a designer of lighting concepts and lighting solutions. A.L.S. currently employs 32 people with an office and warehouse area of 5400 m². We invest inten- sively in the knowledge of our employees and are always up to date with current industry-related topics and lighting design.

Our strength
  • Extensive program range
  • Large storage capacity
  • Good quality to reasonable prices
  • Flexible due to own production
  • Attractive prices for driver and lamps
  • Personal support for your needs
  • Customized solutions (e.g. project related LED solutions)