• LLED

LED ceiling mounted or pendant luminaire

  • Housing made of steel sheet (IK07), white epoxy coating
  • Double parabolic louvre made of highly polished aluminum with very high reflection value - UGR19
  • Direct light distribution
  • Protection rating: IP20
  • Protection class: I
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Built-in electronic power supply
  • Multilumen - adjustability of the luminaire luminous flux in 2 levels (factory preset for high luminous flux)

On request

  • DALI

Product   colour temperature version INFO* dimension lifespan
LLED-39NW1ML SMD LED / 4000 K L=1210*W=155*H=60 mm
LLED-39WW1ML SMD LED / 3000 K L=1210*W=155*H=60 mm
LLED-39-21NW1ML SMD LED / 4000 K L=1210*W=240*H=60 mm
LLED-50NW1ML SMD LED / 4000 K L=1510*W=155*H=60 mm
LLED-50WW1ML SMD LED / 3000 K L=1510*W=155*H=60 mm
LLED-58NW1ML SMD LED / 4000 K L=1510*W=240*H=60 mm


Product   INFO*
Z-LLED SMD LED / Y steel wire pendant set