• Linear light canal system for LED and T16 lamps
  • Available as surface mounted / pendant or recessed version
  • Light modules are compatible with both profile versions
  • Opal or prismatic PMMA covers, applicable as a light bar or with high efficiency aluminium louver, silk-mat for direct light
  • Customized shortening of the length possible
  • Modular assembling is possible
  • Light modules include electronic control gears and through-wiring 3 x 1,5mm² with plug terminals on both sides
  • Easy wiring between the modules
  • Other electronic power supplies on available (1-10V, DALI)

On request

  • Dimmable version
  • DALI
  • Other colors like black, white...
  • UGR<19

1) profile

Product   connection voltage colour dimension
HA-X   anodized aluminium W=70*H=90 mm
HE-X   anodized aluminium W=70*H=90 mm

3) diagonal light canal

Product Light up with / watt per lamp connection voltage colour dimension
HAES-1401 T16 G5 / 14 W 230 V white L=578 mm
HAES-2101 T16 G5 / 21 W 230 V white L=878 mm
HAES-2401 T16 G5 / 24 W 230 V white L=578 mm
HAES-2801 T16 G5 / 28 W 230 V white L=1178 mm
HAES-3501 T16 G5 / 35 W 230 V white L=1478 mm
HAES-3901 T16 G5 / 39 W 230 V white L=878 mm
HAES-4901 T16 G5 / 49 W 230 V white L=1478 mm
HAES-5401 T16 G5 / 54 W 230 V white L=1178 mm