The garden becomes a stage

With the Strike series, the garden is transformed into a stage where plays of light create a unique visual effect. The wide range of accessories allows for the installation of Strike in an incredible variety of positions: on the wall, on the ground, on a post, on an arm, anywhere. It can be installed in gardens, over signs, on tree trunks or branches.

Precious dichroic filters create coloured light with captivating emotional impact. The optical cone can be oriented by 15 degrees.

The exceptional LED light source, will surprise you with its performance of more than 50,000 hours.

Protection Rating IP66

Manufactured in compliance with European standards EN 60598-1:2015 CE

Protection Class: II


Product Light up with / watt per lamp colour temperature connection voltage colour
SR118-1NW7L LED / 9,5 W 4000 K 220-240 V metallized grey
SR118-1WW7L LED / 9,5 W 3000 K 220-240 V metallized grey


Product Light up with / watt per lamp connection voltage colour
SR1-5007L GU10 / 50 W 230 V metallized grey