Outdoor luminaire for installation on ceiling

Lux Shower it’s the ideal solution when the light comes from an high ceiling.

Completely watertight and perfect for ceiling installation with high light performance.

Tempered glass diffuser. Low copper content die-cast aluminium lamp body, base, and glazing bead frame and special LED optics.

Cable entry from the back.

Thanks to the pure optical lens inside the power led version offers a wide range of interesting angle beams. 38° the standard. Other angle beam 90°, ovale 30°x120°, on request.

This fixture is suitable to be installed in public and private external corridors, arcades, open galleries open spaces.

  • Protection Rating IP65
  • Manufactured in compliance with European standards EN 60598-1:2015 CE
  • Protection Class: II
Product Light up with / watt per lamp colour temperature beam angle connected load colour
LUX-19NW1 LED / 6,5 W 4000 K white
LUX-19NW6 LED / 6,5 W 4000 K graphite
LUX-19NW7 LED / 6,5 W 4000 K metallized grey
LUX-19WW1 LED / 6,5 W 3000 K white
LUX-19WW6 LED / 6,5 W 3000 K graphite
LUX-19WW7 LED / 6,5 W 3000 K metallized grey