Waterproof LED fitting

  • Transparent or frosted polycarbonate tube (impact-resistant IK 10 and IK 07), 4 different lengths, removable lighting insert, two plastic end caps with cable gland or blind plugs in plastics
  • The luminaire is equipped with one M20 cableglands
  • Protection Rating: IP65
  • Protection Class: I
  • Built-in electronic power supply
  • We recommend the use of a connection system with a protection degree greater than or equal to the protection degree of the luminaire

On request

  • DALI
  • With fixed or adjustable mounting bracket
  • Multi-Watt-EVG
  • Second cable gland

T16 G5

Product Light up with / watt per lamp connection voltage dimension
LRN-1400 T16 G5 / 14 W max 240 V L=660 mm
LRN-2100 T16 G5 / 21 W max 240 V L=950 mm
LRN-2800 T16 G5 / 28 W max 240 V L=1260 mm
LRN-3500 T16 G5 / 35 W max 240 V L=1550 mm
LRN-5400 T16 G5 / 54 W max 240 V L=1260 mm