UV disinfection lamp, 55W, TCL-2G11, 360° light distribution, with sensor

The newly developed UVC-55B2 UV lamp not only makes viruses, bacteria and fungi in the environment harmless. Surfaces, walls, furniture and railings can also be reliably disinfected with the mobile disinfection lamp. For the safety of people and animals, two presence sensors protect against UV-C radiation.

Ultraviolet light in the UVC band destroys the DNA bonds of viruses and bacteria. It is therefore the effective solution for sterilising and disinfecting environments and objects.

With this UVC lamp we offer a perfect opportunity for efficient and chemical-free disinfection in surgeries, restaurants, sales and office areas, educational and care facilities, fitness studios, canteens, beauty salons, lounges, private rooms, etc.

Due to a fixed power output of the UV lamp, it is possible to select the irradiation time according to the volume of the room to be treated.

30 min. for areas under 5m²
1 hour for surfaces from 5 to 35m²
2 hours from 35 up to 60m²

When using the UVC-55B2 UV lamp, no persons must be within range of the UV-C radiation. By using sensors, the UVC lamp is automatically deactivated.

Direct UV-C light is harmful to people and animals and can cause damage to skin and eyes. 

The instructions in the operating manual must be strictly observed. 

Further information can be found here in the unser manual

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