Ceiling and insertion light combined with switchable UVC air disinfection

  • Operation only possible with remote control Z-FBCLA (accessories)
  • color temperature: 3000K
  • LED luminaire 29 W (not dimmable)
  • UGR <16
  • UVC and ventilation: 16 W
  • Air flow rate 53m³/60 Min.
  • 30dB (distance 1m)
  • Lifetime UVC lamp art. no. TL-11-2P-UVC = 11.000 h
  • IP class: IP20
  • Protection class: I


The room air is pre-cleaned via high-quality filters and renders viruses and bacteria harmless with the integrated UVC lamp. Via an outlet filter, the air flows back into the room free of dust and germs*. The cleaning process can be adjusted (on/off/ timer 0.5 h to 3 h) with remote control (accessory Z-FBCLA). People and pets are not endangered during the sterilization operation. The filters (accessory filter set: Z-FCLA) should be replaced every 3 months. The LED lighting can be switched independently of the disinfection function (On/ Off/Timer 1h and 2h).

*With 2 h UVC air purification = 99.92% disinfected air


Product Light up with / watt per lamp colour temperature colour INFO* dimension
CLA-43NW-B1 LED + TL-11-2P-UVC / 43 W 4000 K white Insertion light with UVC air disinfection L=620*W=620*H=95 mm

Required accessories

Product   INFO*
Z-FBCLA   Remote control incl. batteries
Z-FCLA   Filter set
TL-11-2P-UVC   Replacement lamp