ELI round

LED recessed luminaire, round

  • Aluminium sheet body
  • High quality decorative design cover (clear glass, white or black)
  • High-performance aluminum heat sink black
  • Faceted high-performance reflector set, back, rigid
  • Splay springs
  • High power LED module
  • Protection Rating: IP20
  • Protection Class: III
  • Installation: the luminaire is equipped with a 2-pole cable for an easy-tomake connection (please provide effective insulation on the connection) 350mA feeding with remote power supply
Product Light up with / watt per lamp colour temperature colour version
ELIR-10WW1 SMD LED / 10 W 3000 K white 1 lamp
ELIR-10WW2 SMD LED / 10 W 3000 K black 1 lamp