Modular LED lighting system

  • Various light engines 7/8/12 W + Dim To Warm 6 W (1800-3000K) with protection glass, aluminium die cast body, white
  • All kind of mounting frames, designs available
  • Protection rating IP20
  • Protection class II
  • Incl. remote power suppl

On request

  • Dimmable version
  • Photometric data of the variants

LED Modul

Product Light up with / watt per lamp colour temperature colour INFO*
DIL-13NW1-K COB LED / 15 W 4000 K white with sensor on request
DIL-13SW1-K COB LED / 15 W 2700 K white
DIL-13WW1-K COB LED / 15 W 3000 K white
DIL-7NW1-K COB LED / 7 W 4000 K white
DIL-7SW1-K COB LED / 7 W 2700 K white
DIL-7WW1-K COB LED / 7 W 3000 K white
DIL-8NW6 COB LED / 8 W 4000 K black
DIL-8SW6 COB LED / 8 W 2700 K black
DIL-8WW6 COB LED / 8 W 3000 K black
DIL-DTW-K Bridgelux LED Vesta-Dim / 8 W 3000 K white absolutly flickerfree

top parts

Product   INFO*
DIL-ADA01   Inner ring pivotable
DIL-AU1   Inner ring pivotable
DIL-AU2   Relegated frame
DIL-AU3   Round frame pivotable
DIL-AU4   Required accessories: DIL-ADA01
DIL-AU5   Required accessories: DIL-ADA01
DIL-AU6   Required accessories: DIL-ADA01
DIL-AU7   Required accessories: DIL-ADA01
DIL-AU8   Required accessories: DIL-ADA01
DIL-AU9   Required accessories: DIL-ADA01
DIL-BS02   for DIL LED modul 7W and 13W,
DIL-GL01   glas top
DIL-GL02   glas top


Product   INFO*
DIL-R15   Refector 15° for modul 7W
DIL-R15B   Reflector 15° for modul 13W