• Accessories

Fast and safe connections without soldering

  • Simple assembly without soldering
  • No stripping of the cable lines necessary
  • Slim design, also suitable for installation in aluminium profiles
  • Quick connector for 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm wide LED strips
  • For various applications monochrome (2-pin), CCT (3-pin), coloured RGB (4-pin) and RGB+W (5-pin)


Product   version dimension
Z-FL10E   2 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10ES   2 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10L   2 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10LS   2 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10TWV   2-pole, can be shortened W=10 mm
Z-FL8E   2 Pin W=8 mm
Z-FL8ES   2 Pin W=8 mm
Z-FL8L   2 Pin W=8 mm
Z-FL8LS   2 Pin W=8 mm
Z-FL8TWV   2-pole, can be shortened W=8 mm
Z-FLLTV   Linear T-connector, 1-pin, 0,5 mm2
Z-FLLV   Linear connector, 2-pole, 0,5 mm2
Z-FLVERTEILER2   2-pole, 0,5 mm2 , max. 24V/6A, incl. 3 connectors IP40


Product   version dimension
Z-FL10ESIP   2 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10LSIP   2 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10VKIP   2 Pin L=2000 mm
Z-FL10ZULIP   2 Pin L=2000 mm
Z-FL12ESIP   2 Pin W=12 mm
Z-FL12LSIP   2 Pin W=12 mm


Product   version dimension
Z-FL10ERGB   4 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10LRGB   4 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10TWVRGB   4-pole, can be shortened W=10 mm
Z-FLRGBKABEL   One end with socket, 4-pole litz wires, 0,5 mm2 L=1600 mm
Z-FLRGBST   Contact block, 4-pole


Product   version dimension
Z-FL12ERGBW   5 Pin W=12 mm
Z-FL12LRGBW   5 Pin W=12 mm
Z-FL12TWVRGBW   5-pole, can be shortened W=12 mm
Z-FLRGBWKABEL   One end with socket, 5-pole litz wires, 0,5 mm2 L=1600 mm
Z-FLRGBWST   Contact block, 5-pole


Product   version dimension
Z-FL10ECCT   3 Pin W=10 mm
Z-FL10LCCT   3 Pin W=10 mm