Lighting Control for up to 4 colour channels

  • Lighting Control for up to 4 colour channels

CASAMBI Bluetooth Lighting Control

  • LED-dimmer, easily operated by smartphone or tablet (Apple, Android) with the CASAMBI app
  • For LED strips and other modules for constant voltage
  • Free App from CASAMBI (Apple, Android):
    • control of brightness and light colour
    • configuration of luminaires and luminaires networks
    • creation of scenes and animations (colour gradients)
    • automatic detection of new devices
    • intelligent timer and gallery functions
    • protection settings of your luminaires network ("just me", "with password"...)
  • You can setup a gateway, but it is not necessary
  • Intergrates antenna (do not cover with metal case)
Product Info
CAS-LCCT PWM4 Bluetooth Lighting Control Tunable white
CAS-LRGB PWM4 Bluetooth Lighting Control RGB
CAS-LRGBW PWM4 Bluetooth Lighting Control RGB+W