Outdoor design bollard.

Configuration: hot-dip zinc-coated IPE steel bar (H-frame with base) for high resistance to corrosion.

The emission unit, fixed to the upper part of the bar, is composed of a plastic container with zinc-coated cover. Feeding cables are hosted in a hot-dip zinc-coated cover placed on the back side of the bar.

Protection Rating: IP65

In compliance with EN 60598-1

Class of insulation: I

Installation: wiring through two EPDM rubber cable glands (8<ø<13mm cables). We recommend installation on a concrete basement or surface, directly with bolts or through the dedicated fixing plate (to be ordered separately).

article light source, socket / watt per lamp connection voltage colour temperature colour
VIV-11NW0 POWER LED / 2 W max 240 V 4000 K zinc
VIV-11WW0 POWER LED / 2 W max 240 V 3000 K zinc